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I've got a fun game for you to incorporate into you
soccer practices.
Don't tell your players, but it's actually a remarkably
effective drill disguised as a super fun game.
(our little secret)
It's called "Soccer Elbow Tag" and it's designed
to improve your player's ability to think on their
In addition, there's a great deal of sprinting
and changing direction.
Here's how you play:
Players are in pairs, with their elbows hooked
together and standing at random across half
a field. The other hand is on their hip, with
the elbow bent.  
Select 1 pair to break apart, give one of the players
a ball to carry, indicating they are "it".
The player with the ball must chase his/her partner
and try to tag them with the ball (no throwing
If they are successful at tagging their partner,
the roles reverse.
The player who is being chased tries to get safe
by hooking onto the empty outside elbow of another
Once this occurs, the player on the opposite end must
leave and is now being chased by the player
with the ball.
Once your team gets the hang of this game, involve another
pair, so now you will have 2 chasers and 2 players being