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4v3 Attack vs. Defense

It's appropriate for all ages, but especially 
good for U10, U12, U14, and U16. Try it with at 
least 8 players, but no more than 17.

How The Drill Works

Set up on a half field, with cones, a goal, 
and alternate jerseys.  You'll need a grid about 
30 x 30 in size, with one side playing to goal.

Assign 4 attackers and 3 defenders wearing 
an alternate jersey.  A keeper should be defending 
the goal.

To start, instruct the players to exploit their 
numerical advantage and finish with a shot on goal.

Attackers should move the ball looking for the open 
player and holes in the defense.  The defenders 
should try to break down the attack and will gain 
experience in how to cover a one-down situation.

If a defender gains possession of the ball and 
completes one pass to the coach, the attack is over.

Give the ball back to the attackers and have them 
build the attack again.

If scoring chances are too infrequent, try increasing 
the number of attackers to 5 v 3, or reducing the 
defenders to 4 v 2.

And if the attack is scoring too often, try evening 
up the ratio and have 4 attackers go against 4 

Coaching Points

Offensively, encourage your players to switch the 
point of the attack quickly to throw the defense 
off balance.  Have them play quick both physically 
(ie. 1 and 2 touch) and mentally (ie. think ahead).

Instruct your defenders to contain the play and 
keep the ball in front of them at all times. Use early
pressure and don't allow space behind the defenders.